Wiping Off The Windshield

I read a great post from Mom Heart Online today. So good that I reposted it here. Enjoy & check out Mom Heart Online.

You are driving down a country road just before sunset with mountains rising up all around you. A little stream races along parallel to the road and wildflowers sway in the breeze as you pass. A herd of deer grazes in the distance.

And you are overwhelmed by God’s breathtaking creation. This picture in nature is a mere glimpse of who He truly is, the glory he displays, and the artist’s hand with which he paints.

As you drive, your windshield inevitably becomes covered with dirt, dust, and unsuspecting insects. The picturesque scene can slowly lose its beauty behind the dirty windshield.

But the captivating picture is still there all along, beyond the grit, simply waiting to be enjoyed and beheld.

At the next possible chance, you pull off and wipe the windshield clean. It’s unpleasant and you will not allow it to obscure your view.

We know from scripture and experience that children are a gift from the Lord, the most gracious and generous Father in existence. They are a gift, enhancing pleasure in our heart, giving us greater understanding of who God is.

I never want to miss those amazing moments that move my heart in a way I never knew possible… when my son lays his head on my shoulder, when my boys make each other laugh, when the older tries to comfort the younger. Their curiosity, innocence, silliness and energy all teach me something new.

Life can get messy and obscure our view. Those moments will always threaten. It’s the nature of the journey.
But we can’t allow them to take away from the absolute beauty of our children.
We must continue to press on, asking the Lord for the strength to keep the difficult from choking out the splendor, wiping off the windshield again and again as we travel.

And when we are able to see the captivating and compelling artistry in the gift, we worship our most gracious Gift-Giver.


One comment on “Wiping Off The Windshield

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