The Training of a Boy

This past week I’ve been amazed at how the natural male tendencies are showing up at this young of an age.  God did make man and woman and He made them to be very different from each other.  It’s been sad this week to see the gay demonstrations being planned against Chick Fil A after such an encouraging display of support for traditional marriage.  As that struggle sets the stage for this, I’m glad to see my two boys doing very manly things.

It’s no secret around our family that my boys love, love, love to climb.  At this rate, they should be able to summit Mt Everest when they are four.    They see the ladder come out and up they go.  So far they have taken turns with one climbing up the back one step while the other scurries up to the top then they switch.  This week though they’ve attempted the double climb with only minimal elbow throwing.  Their little faces just shine with pride when they get to the top.  Being a mom, I sometimes have to restrain myself from jumping in to make sure it’s safe enough.  I think there is a fine line with boys on whats too dangerous.  Danger defines part of what a boy is.  So I’m learning to accept danger in their lives and what too much danger looks like.  I recently read an article from the Houston police department on how to raise a delinquent child.  One of the things was to shield your child from average dangers.  Children need to learn how to deal with some danger or they won’t know what to do with danger when faced with it.  I’m not promoting wild abandoned mayhem here, but a healthy releasing of my boys to test the physical waters.  It will be a fine line as a mom to walk beside my boys and give them this freedom while my feminine side wants to protect and keep them gentle and calm.


The other big very boy thing that surprised me was wanting to mow the yard.  My husband was away this past week in China.  He didn’t have time to mow the yard so I needed to do it.  In the past, James just played on the other side of the yard when I mowed, but Little Lance would run into the dog house and cry until I was done.  This time Lance decided to come grab hold of my leg when I was stopped to move a toy out of the way.  Then he just decided to put his hands on the push bar.  I guess the vibrations were funny because he got this big grin on his face.  So I decided to push it with him for a few steps.  Granted, they were slow steps that even a turtle could outrun, but they were pushing steps from Lance still the same.  When James looked up and saw brother, James started fussing and came running.  So they each held on to the bar on opposite ends while I pushed from the center with one hand.  We made four complete rows before I decided that I really had to get a move on and get it done before the temps got over 100.  Pride was just written all over their little faces.  When I put up the mower, I went over and praised them highly for helping mommy mow and told them that daddy would be so proud to see his boys helping around the yard.  My first thoughts when they started pushing was what if something flew back and hit them or they tripped and touched a hot spot on the mower.  With slowing down the speed and staying right with them, those things were not very likely to happen so by keeping my mom nature under check, James and Lance are learning how to be responsible little boys.  They have also seen mom and dad use the shovel.  Mom uses it to pickup the dog mess daily in the backyard.  Dad uses it to dig with.  I’m not sure when James and Lance have the shovel what exactly they are trying to do, the picking up or the digging.  As you can see in the picture though, Lance is working hard to do whatever it is he plans to do.  They are starting the hard work ethic at this young age.  May I remember to always encourage that work ethic and demonstrate is myself.







My prayer is that God will show me what to teach my boys and when.  Not just the physical aspects of being a boy, but the Godly characteristics that a boy and ultimately a man should know.  If you have any good and creative ideas on how to train boys, I would love to hear them.  I will leave you with this great quote I read from Sir Frederick Treves,

“You hold your future in your own hands.  Never waver in this belief.  Don’t swagger.  The boy who swaggers – like the man who swaggers – has little else that he can do.  He is a cheap-Jack crying his own paltry wares.  It is the empty tin that rattles most.  Be honest.  Be loyal.  Be kind.  Remember that the hardest things to acquire is the faculty of being unselfish.  As a quality it is one of the finest attributes of manliness.”


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