Tot School 22mo twins – Jumping, Hot/Cold & Ants

Today was the last day that we had to stay to ourselves.  Yea!  We are all feeling better too.  Two raring to go boys, inside one house, with one mom, all day did not sound like fun.   Does it to you?  So to the back yard we went this morning.   We were given one of those toddler roller coasters awhile back.  James loves to push the car up the hills and ride the car back down.  He could do that for hours. and yell weeee at the top of his lungs.  Lance on the other hand likes to use just his feet and walk up and down the hills.  The swimming lessons that we took at the beginning of July were a great introduction to learning how to jump, since they jumped off the wall into our arms, in the water.  Now the boys have jumping in their systems.  I knew jumping was big part of little boys and the lessons just jump started this need in them.   Lance tried jumping off the side of a small hill onto the grass and loved it.  James, my daredevil, decided to go to the top and jump off.  I thought he’d cry, but he just laughed and got back up to do it again.  I was sitting in my lawn chair just watching, then it hit me that this could be a learning time.  So I ran over and said to James that he was way up high and when he jumped I said now you’re down low.  Mind you that if the neighbors were listening they had to be laughing because I used a high, fast, squeaky voice then a low, slow bass voice.  We waved our hands high up in the air and then waved them down by the ground real low.  The next thing I know, they are standing on the hills, waving their hands around, then jump, fall to the ground, stand back up quick as they can, then bend down to wave again.  I just had to laugh that they stood back up then bent down when they were already low, lying on the ground.

Because of the temps being over 100 in Texas, we stayed inside during the day until 7pm tonight, then went back out to the backyard.  It was still hot out so I handed the boys the water hose.  I no longer need to turn the faucet on & off because James can do it on his own.  Lance however still has no idea what to do with the faucet.  Watching the boys squirt each other, move the hose around and see the different angles of water coming out and splashing around reminded me of all the fun that I had as kid with my brother in the water out back.  When it was James’ turn with the hose, he found it hilariously funny to point it right at Lance’s back.  He just cracked himself up every time he did that.  Lance would do his cute little wiggle, laugh and then say cold.  I’d say yes it is cold, then we would take a few steps away and put our hands on the cement sidewalk and I’d say hot.  They have the concept of hot down already.  Ever since James burned his hands on the oven, they both point at the oven and say hot.  Now with learning about and feeling cold, maybe they will begin to learn about opposites.  James had another lesson in cold later today, when he slammed his finger in the door.  I had to keep ice on his finger and after a little bit, he would cry, pull his finger away and say no, cold.  I think the lesson just might be sinking in.  As a mom of twin boys, I think that I’ll have plenty of future opportunities to talk about cold using ice packs.

The last thing we learned about today was ants and that ants bite.  We have an ant bed that popped up by a rock out back so I went to put some killer on it.  The boys haven’t experienced an ant bite yet and I didn’t plan for today to be their first.  So when they got close, I said stay back because ants bite.  Then I  nipped at the boys with my pinched fingers and made a silly snapping sound.  It was kinda a cross between crunching, snapping & gobbling, if that makes sense?  The giggles started and all I heard for the next ten minutes was their version of an ant bite sound while they grabbed at the air.  It’s the funniest thing to see and hear.  It got the idea across because later when Lance looked out the window and could see the ant bed, he acted out the scene again.

I just love seeing ideas start to come together for my two boys.  Each one catches on to an idea at a different time, in his own way.  I know singleton moms think back to how their first child learned compared to their youngest child, but what a joy to see the differences in learning side by side with twins.  As each day passes, the pressure of raising two at the same time seems to lessen but the joy keeps increasing.  I’m just as tired as when they were infants but I can now see the fruits of my time and energy for them begin to show.  In the beginning, I thought being a mother of twins had to be the hardest thing and now I’m starting to consider it a mercy that there is two of them.  Two for companionship, to have more funny moments and to have twice as many hugs & kisses.  Oh what I’d be missing out on if only there was one and now I’m so glad for that special blessing.


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