22mo Twins & Downtime

This has been a pitiful couple of days.  I came down with an awful stomach virus on Thursday.  Friday little Lance got sick too and James broke out in a rash.  By Saturday they both had a rash on their faces & the doctor has recommended that they stay away from other kids for a few days.  My two boys are just drained of energy right now so tot school is being done differently while they’re sick.  We do a lot of sitting on the couch, cuddling under the blankets and watching all sorts of tv.  Notice in the picture that while they may be tired and sick, they aren’t sitting together because even when only a shred of energy is available, they will use it to push & hit at their brother to get the advantage on mom’s lap or arm.   BTW, if you haven’t watched Martha Speaks or Sid the Science Kid, then you are missing out.  The shows on PBS are pretty good when used sparringly.  We also threw in a few Baby Einstein DVDs.  My boys love Galileo & DaVinci in particular.  A much more quiet style of learning was taking place as we watched tv.  They learned about planets and galaxies, manners and elasticity.  I do miss the rough housing, the creative playing and the laughter, but I’m also enjoying these rare moments when both of the twins want to cuddle in mom’s lap or snuggle down beside me.  It reminds me that they are still little boys and God has granted me the privilege to look after them & love on them dearly.


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