Tot School 21.5mo – I Spy Bottle

It’s hot!  95 degrees at 8AM and the temp keeps climbing.  It’s hot!  So unless we want to sleep in the day & play at night, then I have to come up with some new indoor things to keep my twin boys happy.  We were still sitting at the breakfast table on Monday morning, reading the boys’ children’s Bible.  I usually ask the boys to find and point out various things on the pages.  That’s when I had my new idea.  The I Spy Bottle.  Really simple and cheap.  I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, poured the water into a cup so I wouldn’t waste it, shoved a towel down into the bottle and dried it.  Ok, that part wasn’t so easy.  I tried to poke the towel through the small opening with my finger without success so I resorted to using an erasure end of a pencil and pushing with everything I had in me.  So back to the easy craft making.  With the bottle dry, I grabbed a funnel, the boys and we went out back to the sandbox.  I showed the boys how to scoop & pour the sand in the funnel.  They did a good job but I think I wore 1/4 of the sand box on my clothes that morning.  They filled the bottle 1/4 full, then I let them drop a few different colored pom poms, a hairpin and a screw down in.  Then we filled the bottle up to 1/2 way and added a few pennies, colored paper hearts and some hunk of metal that dad was throwing away.  We added the last 1/4 of sand, pom poms, nuts, screws and a paper clip.  We left the last 1/4 empty so that we could shake and move the items around in the bottle.  I tightened down the cap and whala, a great little attention holding toy.  We spent some time shaking it to make noise to the rhythms of some groovy music, we rolled it on the floor, of course each boy tried to sneak in a whack at his brother with it and we sat down to find all the items that we put in the bottle.  I usually hold the bottle and slowly turn it until something appears.  They both point and squeal at it.  I say the name of the object and the usually try to repeat it.  They have been working really hard at saying all the new words that this has taught them.  This whole I spying thing can last for quite some time.  So the next really hot day that you have, grab a bottle and have some fun making your own I Spy bottle with things from around your home.  It just might be your little mercy from God for the day.   What other kinds of toys have you come up with that was made from stuff already sitting around your house?  Let me know.


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