Tot School 21.5mo – Backyard

Every boy needs to experience the great outdoors, in my opinion.  One day my boys will be running through deserts, hiking up mountains and maybe shooting a gun, but for today, my boys are little and the backyard is all the outdoors that they need for now.  This morning was quite the adventure for only 1.5 hr out back.  Just what do little boys do in the backyard?  Well, they grab the water hoses.  Letting the water dribble out  slowly on the concrete makes lovely formations.  Art in the backyard!  HaHa!  We talked about wet vs dry while they hand splashed on the concrete. 

James found a plain ol stick from the tree.  What does a stick poked inside a concrete block do?  Well nothing, but it sure is fun and curiosity satisfying for a toddler boy.

  That stick also makes many sounds outside.  We talked about high and low sounds.  Armed with a stick each, they wacked the fence, chicken wire, a plastic bucket, a wagon, a bike, the ground, the side of the house and sand  just to name a few.   Oh, they tried to whack each other, but mom intervened before we found out what sound that would make.  

Lance was going to whack the climbing cube until a snail on the side of it caught his attention.  Sadly we learned what sound a snail makes when it’s shale gets squeezed too hard.  Next James noticed a cricket sitting on the ground and his squealing brought Lance running over.  They poked, pulled and chased that thing for 5min through the grass before it eluded them.  Lastly, as we all sat or laid out in the grass, I pulled up a blade of grass.  I intended on just talking about the color green, but then I decided to blow on it and make it whistle.  I laughed so hard as each boy tried to make the blade hum too.  Mostly there was a lot of spitting or just blowing on the grass before they threw it down but only so they could get the blade that mom was currently using.  They tried each new blade that I used.  It never occurred to them that it wasn’t the blade that didn’t work to make sounds, it was their technique.  One day, when they’re older, we can work on that and they will have fun whistling the grass on a hot summer day.  But for now, the sticks and insects will be their outdoor fun.


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