Tot School 21.5mo – Pots & Pans

Oh what a noisy, fun day we had yesterday!  The boys have now moved to a new nap schedule.  They are awake from 7AM until 12PM when they go down for a long nap.  I was apprehensive about what I was going to do with two boys for such a long stretch of time.  As the day closed, I gave a prayer of thanksgiving because the day went by fast and it was so much more enjoyable that I could believe.  The highlight of the day was ordinary pots and pans.  When the boys got bored, I pulled out all of my pots & pans and there is quite a few of them.  I put the corresponding lids on each one.  I carried them into the living room and spread them out.  Then I sat back and let the two boys go to town.  Then pulled the lids off and quickly made cymbals out of them.  As the crashes got louder, the smiles grew bigger.  Then James decided it was time to put the lids back on, but they didn’t get the right ones matched back up.  Here is where I took the time to introduce big and small.  I would hand them a lid and if it fell in the pot I’d say that’s way too small or if it was too big I’d say that’s way too big and when it fit down, I’d say that’s just right.  I kinda felt like Goldie locks.  I think we might go find that book soon!  The boys spent about 30min playing with the lids and swapping them out.  I don’t expect that they understand the big vs small concept yet, but each time it’s introduced, they will be closer to comprehension.  How did I know when it was time to stop?  When the boys started throwing the lids at the pans from across the room and laughing at each other’s attempts.  That’s how I knew.  I know this will become a favorite game for all three of us & it required nothing to buy.  Pots & pans, one of my unexpected little mercies!


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