Tot School 21.5mo – Activity Table

And the winner, for two weeks in a row, for the best toy award goes to…….        The Fisher Price Activity Table!       play-toy

I really thought we were done with this toy until two weeks ago.  But do you see the raised shapes in white on the edge?  Those little things have been my mercies this week for education. 

Little James has just been on an apple kick lately.  Anything that he sees that is round and red is called an apple.  One afternoon though, James was standing next to the table and called out apple.  I thought he was doing his usual mistake, but when I looked up, he was actually pointing to the apple shape.  So I praised him.  Any praise of one child brings the other child running.  Lance  started pointing at the sun and naming it, so I praised him too.  We spent the next  10 min looking at all the shapes, naming them, talking about what color they might be and tracing the shapes with our fingers.  Everyday since then we have spent a little time looking at the shapes.  Sometimes they both get all the names correct.  Other times I’m wondering if they have a clue, but generally they are moving in the right direction of learning.  I have to work really hard at making sure that I don’t sound positive over a correct answer and then turn around and sound negative while I correct the answer of the other brother.  Correction is a must, but I have to remember to make correction gentle and encourage trying again.   The most important thing is that they think it’s fun and getting praised for trying to name the shapes is icing on the cake.


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