Tot School 21mo II – Colorfull Toy Rotation

What a great idea, toy rotation!  I learned about rotating the toys when my boys were 8 mo old.  A dear friend who also has twin boys told me about it.  I first thought that she was crazy because my boys were getting bored while they had a ton of toys to choose from.  When I finally took the plunge into the unknown, it turned out to be better than I thought.  By having less toys to choose from, the boys weren’t looking around being overwhelmed and acting out of frustration.  Wake time took on a calmer and more satisfying atmosphere.

We have an activity table that they had played with since they started standing.  I thought that the boys had outgrown the table since they stopped playing with it around 14mo.  So around 16mo I put it upstairs, out of the way.  This past week I decided to bring it down because a friend with younger kids was coming over.  I could not believe how much my boys played with it.  So it was a good reminder that kids do get bored with the same old toys and to not give up on some toys if the boys have just become complacent with it.

I’m so happy that the table was here this past week.  I’ve slowly been working on colors.  I talk about the color of the shapes on the shape sorter as they put them in, I point out colors on clothes and when we go for a walk in the stroller I talk about the color and type of cars that drive by.  On this table though, is a little piano that has four keys all in different colors.  When you press a key it says what color is being pressed.   So when I set down the first time with Lance in my lap and James on the opposite side, I pointed to a key and said it was red.  Lance then pointed the next key and said yellow.  I was thrilled but was cautious that this might be a lucky try.  Then I asked James what the next color was and he correctly said green.  Lance then said all four colors in a row.  How exciting to see learning.  I didn’t have to stand over them and work intensely on their colors.  I know that not every kid learns the same way and this method may not work with other kids, but I’m just so overjoyed with this easy and fun way of learning our colors.   Had I not rotated my toys and brought this table back out, I would have had to wait to see the learning that’s been going on.  What a mercy this little table has been to me this past week and what a comfort to know first hand that toy rotation is helping keep the boy’s attentions and continues their learning.


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