Tot school – 21mo twins – ducks

This past week was a fun one for learning.  My boys still haven’t dived into the world of animals as much as I think they should be by now.  So we spent the week focusing on learning about ducks.  Each afternoon, I grabbed my trusty red wagon, plopped the boys down and took off for the pond in our neighborhood.  It’s a place that we will be going to for many years to come.  It has two pairs of ducks and lots of little floppy fish.  When we got close to the pond, I had to stop and remind the boys that they had to stay in the wagon.  I’m not ready yet to try by myself to keep two rowdy boys from diving right on in.  I pulled the wagon up to the edge on the stone pathway.  There I told the boys that they could stand up and throw pieces of bread out to the ducks.  The first few pieces I gave them went straight into the mouth, but after a little coaxing, Lance threw a piece and made it into the water.  Instead of the ducks coming over, the fish flipped everywhere and fought for the food.  The boys just giggled over all the splashing.  Then James decided he wanted to join in the throwing too.  When all the bread was thrown, I directed the boys’ attention toward the ducks swimming out in the middle.  We talked about floating, feathers and beaks.  Not that they understood it all, but it’s a start.  In my best duck voice, I showed the boys how to quack and quack loudly they did.  So we three were a motley bunch quacking as we made our way home.  We looked at books with ducks.  We worked on saying the word duck.  Lance naturally got it first, but by the third day James was getting the word down too.  Old MacDonald sounds pretty funny now that the duck part is yelled and everything else is a hit or miss.  I enjoyed my week of ducks and I can’t wait until we ventured on to other animals.


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