Bucket List Challenge & Motherhood Challenge

The bucket list concept is exploding nowadays.  Every time I turn on the internet I’m reading about another bucket list experience.  Sadly, some of the stories are about how people have used up all their money and gone into debt to accomplish their bucket list.  Some are stories about a dying infant’s bucket list.  I myself have a general bucket list that I’d like to accomplish before I die.  While pondering over my list and what appears to be a global phenomenon, my thoughts kept coming back to this: while pleasure and exploring is fun that is not the only thing that I need to be focused on.  As the thoughts kept rolling around they combined with one of my favorite mottos: Hope is not a plan.  The Bucket List Challenge for my children come into being.  What are the Godly characteristics that I want to teach my children?  I’ve made out a list and it’s a long one.  Now I’m exploring ways to teach those attributes that correspond to the appropriate age.  I wish I could teach those characteristics to my children once and I’d be done with it, but I know that while they may get patience now, I’ll soon be revisiting patience in a year or two.  So what activities should I be doing at each age for each characteristic?  My search is on and soon I will begin my children’s bucket list and the lifelong teaching/learning it will bring.

The Motherhood Challenge is one that’s for me.  What area do I need to work on as a mom?  I want to spend the last six months of this year working on a new habit each month.  That’s six new areas of improvement as a mom.  It doesn’t sound like much, but after reading about a mom that has done this and how she has improved her whole family’s lifestyle, how could I not take the time and do this?  God has already been prompting me to change a few things in my mothering.  So I have my first month’s challenge ready to start.

How many times have I looked at my family and praised God for how wonderful they are and how we are doing?  Then friends come over, I read a blog or I’m having a bad day then suddenly I’m the worst mom with the worst kids that people don’t want to be around because they are out of control and it’s all my fault and how did God think I could be a good mom.  Does this sound like you?  That’s me all too often.  So my first challenge will be to stop comparing.  Most of my friends have kids that are not as active as mine.  God hasn’t given me calm kids, He gave me extremely active boys with strong wills.  It does me no good to dwell on the differences because God isn’t going to miraculously change my boys into sweet, obedient and calm boys.  I have what I have and it’s for a reason (I have theories as to why).  What I need to do is not ask everyone else how and what their kids are doing.  I have a pediatrician, Dr Norah Randles, who is great at telling me when I need to be concerned and when not to worry.  I trust her.  I also trust that God has given me a mom sense about my own children.  My goal during the last part of June and throughout July is to trust God to lead me with my children.  I will not be asking a million questions of other moms.  I will not be pouring over blogs searching for answers.  I will not be crying because our boys are not as well-behaved as other kids, besides they have their own issues too.  It will be an incredibly hard task.  I firmly believe that this first change will make me a better mom, a better wife and a better Christian.  I proclaim that my faith is strong, so I’m putting it to the test this month.  God can handle me and my active boys!  I can go the mom route this month with just my God as my co-pilot.  I can’t wait to report on the progress, setbacks and outcomes that will come this month.  God will be showing me new mercies as a mom and revealing wonderful truths about my boys.


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