Crazy Noise

Music is in my soul, dancing flows through me because of the stirring in my soul and laughter springs forth with singing.  All this combines to make a crazy noise that is a sweet expression of love to My savior’s ears.  We are made in God’s image.  There are people who move mountains with the beauty of their dance and it makes me wonder how graceful, melodic and creative my God must be.  Now, the next time you see me dancing and singing, please don’t use that as your picture of God because I leave a lot to be desired in this area.  Never-the-less, I’ve been reminded many times this week of Psalm 100:1, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

We start off breakfast in the morning with a great little cd for kids called Crazy Noise.  My boys just light up with laughter while  they chair dance to the beat.  You know what I’m talking about.  When you’re sitting in a seat, whether dinning room, movies, desk, car or wherever you are, and the best rocking music comes on.  Your head starts to bob, then your shoulders, followed by your hands and arms and usually ending with your feet tapping or legs swinging.  Even if you aren’t a great dancer, you know how to bust a move while sitting down and especially when in private .  There is no way to contain the laughter when a 1 1/2 year old makes his move, then compound it by two.  Two arms raised up & wiggling furiously to the beat, heads thrown back and squeals aplenty.   The song that gets them really going is the title song Crazy Noise.  It says “Make a crazy crazy joyful noise A wacky silly funny sound that you enjoy Make a crazy crazy joyful noise So everybody knows that you’re praising the Lord.”  When we are at home, I’m rejoicing and having fun with all the silly sounds and wacky moves that James & Lance can make.  When we go out in public my whole demeanor changes.  I’m no longer having fun with silly sounds and squirmy moves.  I see the knitted brows and a occassional head shake at my kid’s behavior when they are not the perfect little angels sitting quietly and patiently for me to finish.  Sadly, I let other’s impressions pressure me into wanting to change my boys  immediately.  I do know that the loud shrieking is not be tolerated and is rude for anyone else around and I’ve been frustrated as to how to get them to stop.  I usually end up raising my voice and feeling very embarrassed with myself.  Then it dawned on me today that I don’t want two perfectly quiet little boys sitting like angels out in public because that would mean that I would have to train them to be that way at home as well.  You can’t have it one way at home then another out in public.  Toddler brains just aren’t wired to be like that.  I like my rough and tumble, hilariously happy boys.  What I really want is to get the volume down to a normal level.  I can even ham up the silliness at an acceptable level in the store to keep the boys entertained and in control.  What a joyful reminder to others of the fun days filled of laughter with their own kids.  I should even remind my boys that when we are too loud, it is not respectful of others, it’s not kind and not honoring to God.  Rather if we make our noise at a normal level of volume, we will be making a joyful noise unto the Lord that other’s will praise and we can give God all the glory when others praise my happy and joyfully under control children.  Amazingly I do get gracious compliments from people when the boys are behaving well.  So to end on a great thought this week, we can make a joyful noise to the Lord whether at home or in public and that will change my attitude when we are out shopping.  I’m so thankful for the mercy of a little cd!


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