Tot School 18.25mo twins – Fill & Empty

Summer hasn’t reached its full strength yet and spring’s chill has long worn off.  So it’s the perfect time to do some fun learning outside.  We have a great sandbox that the boys love to play in.  They move the top off themselves and generally proceed to having a sand throwing fight.  Boys being boys.  They do have shovels and a bucket in the sand box with them and I expect that those tools will allow me many opportunities to teach different concepts and later to build things.  This week I watched what the kids were doing on the first day.  They both like to fill up the bucket with sand then dump it out.  James happens to enjoy this more than Lance because James can sit there for 15 min doing it over and over.  So taking my cue from them, I started telling James about filling up the bucket and the emptying out the bucket.    Sometimes they say fill, never empty, or sometimes up and out.  I do have to be careful.  They each want to take the bucket and empty it out before their brother is done filling it up.  If at happens and I’m not there to dissolve the problem, screaming and usually biting followed by some sand throwing with happen.  As in all things with twins, stay close to lend a helping hand.  When we got the sandbox, little did I realized that this would be a blessing & mercy to my tired mind.  It lends itself to easy teaching any day of the week and my boys joyfully participate.


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