School 18.5mo twins – Stomp

I’m surrounded by a culture that places a heavy emphasis on education and excelled learning.   I am of the philosophy that says let them have fun while learning the basics and then foster their true talents and intellectual abilities when they are a little older.  While I hold dearly to this belief, I must say that with outside pressure, I sometimes doubt myself.  I don’t doubt that my philosophy is wrong, it is just hard to sit back and wait while everyone else is full steam ahead in expanding the intellectual areas.

So this week I deliberately focused on something not intellectual.  We worked on motor skills.  The boys still need to learn so many motor skills in this next year: climbing ladders, climbing ropes, stomping, marching, skipping, standing on one leg and the list goes on.  We frequently sing a silly song that goes “This is the way we stomp our feet, stomp our feet, stomp our feet, this is the way we stomp our feet, all day long.”  There are other verses with other movements, but we zeroed in on the stomping this week.  A very quick way to get both boys smiling is to get them stomping.  I think it’s the little boy need to get energy out and move, move, move.  I think we sang this song about twelve times each day & twelve times a day I got to see smiles and loud giggles.  At first the stomps were barely visible.  They raised their feet just a wee bit.  By the end of the week they had learned to lift those little high in the air, which produced even bigger smiles and louder laughter.  Now I don’t even need to sing the song to get them to stomp.  They have successfully learned a new skill and what it is called.  What a mercy I have discovered in learning  to enjoy the simple act of stomping.  It makes me laugh to imagine God looking down at James and Lance learning to stomp and picturing God stomping  and saying yes, that’s it boys, as He watches them grow.


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