Tot School 19mo – Foods

You know it’s summer time when cold watermelon juice running down your chin makes ya feel cooler!  We’ll actually get to that later in this post.

This week I decided to do something a bit more laid back than what we’ve been doing.  We looked at the color, texture & harness of the foods that we were eating.  This just might be my favorite week of tot school so far.  In the past I would sometimes comment on their food that was already cooked on the plate.  This week I showed them what the food looked like before I cooked it.  It makes me sad to hear the reports of kids that don’t know what a potato looks like or a carrot, they just know what instant mashed potatoes & chips taste like.  I grew up helping with my grandparents garden at times and my family helping grow watermelons & peas in East Texas.  I know what a seed is, how it grows, the heat when you’re out harvesting and seeing farmer’s go to market or sell at roadside stands.  I don’t want my kids missing out on that.  They are certainly too young to really garden, but at the end of the week, we took a step closer to  learning about raw foods.

Friday after lunch, we headed down to the Dallas Farmer’s Market.  I must say that I envy the Pike’s Market in Seattle, but we got what we got.  So we pulled up in one of the sheds & got out of the car.  I really wanted to let them walk, but having two boys running in the opposite directions, pulling fruit off stands wasn’t the kind of scene I was looking for.  In the stroller they went & off we went.  It wasn’t too crowded.  Enough people out for people watching.  We saw so many varieties of greens, red, browns or oranges.  The sellers were so nice, they let the boys touch a lot of things; fuzzy kiwi, sticky okra, prickly pineapple, smooth apples, bumpy cucumbers and rough cantaloupes.  To top off the great learning, many farmers were giving out fresh samples.  Right off the bat, the boys were handed a piece of honeydew melon, then cantaloupe, crabapple, jicama, pineapple, orange, plum, peach and our favorite the watermelon.  There little faces were smiling from ear to ear as the cold juices ran down their chins, onto their clothes and all over their hands.  We stayed for almost 3 hours.  When I buckled them back in for the ride home, they quieted down and promptly fell asleep on the way back.  They learned by experience & I got to really enjoy their learning with them.  We will make this a regular monthly outing as new fruits & vegetables come to season.  This week what a fun and easy mercy that God has granted me, the simple enjoyment of His bounty for us.

Cold watermellon on a hot Texas day.


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