Tot School – 18mo – In & Out

We are sadly saying goodbye to an old friend, the box.  We have learned so much from it, open close & in out.  My boys seem to make friends with any box they see.  This box has been around for 6 weeks before it bit the dust with torn sides and an open bottom that won’t stay closed anymore.  That is why we must toss it and find a new box friend to play with.  James & Lance have had so much fun closing the doors on one another and going in & out of the box.  They have recently started saying in or out along with mommy and Lance will even say door.  The laughter that comes out as each child busts through the door or peeks in through the door cracks makes me smile.  It’s good to know that they have imaginations and they don’t require fancy toys to fill all their time. 

We also celebrated Easter last week.  I know the boys are too young to get that Easter celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, but I read them the story anyways and one day they will get it.  We had a lovely easter egg hunt at grandma & grandpa’s house.  They giggled as they picked up the eggs and placed them in the basket.  I have to say that they enjoy chewing on the basket handle just as much as gathering eggs.  When we got home, we practiced putting eggs in the basket & taking them out.

They have also renewed their interest in a shape sorter this week.  While we do work on the shapes, James has been having a grand ole time dumping it out and then throwing the shapes back in.  He just squeals when I say in or out really fast.


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