Tot School 16mo twins – Zippers

Just having another person around some days gives me so many ideas.  My friend was sitting down with a bag of soft blocks that my kids like to place with.  I just assumed that they needed help unzipping the bag so I usually leave the bag open.  My friend showed Lance how to work the zipper and he learned in no time at all how to work the thing like a pro.  Well, maybe he still needs some guidance around the corners.  He has had so much fun every night taking turns with James on zipping open & then closed.  James has caught on as well, but he’s not as fascinated with it as Lance is.  What a joy to see their faces shine with pride when they work the zipper.  What fun it is when they pull so hard on the tab that it slips out of their fingers & they look at their hand with a puzzled look.  This week God’s mercy was an observant friend with a zipper bag.


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