Tot School 15 mo – Touch

We had quite a busy Christmas & new year.  Now that we are back in our own house & everyone in their own beds, we can get back to a normal routine & tot school.  Before we left for the holidays I had visions of coming back, starting out with a bang and challenging my boys to bigger things.  Of course my boys would have learned so many new things from being around older cousins.  But as Tuesday morning came rolling around and everyone was so tired that I decided to take it easy and just see what would work.  The reviewing colors and shapes wasn’t going well.  Thankfully before I got to the irritated beyond control stage, I abandoned the lesson.  James wanted nothing more than to sit in my lap while Lance just wanted to stand there staring at me with his nose inches from mine.  So what is a mom to do when no one has any energy?  Sitting next to me were the new touch books that the boys got for christmas.  In the past these did not go over well.  The boys wouldn’t want to touch the specific areas, they fought over turning pages and just weren’t that interested.  I tried them anyways on Tuesday morning.  This time the boys were quiet, giggled as they touched and listened as I described the different textures.  I was thrilled.  They were mesmerized each day reading & touching a new book.  As all good things have to end, on Friday the happy sharing ended when James wanted to continue touching a page but Lance was determined to turn the page with James’ finger getting smashed.  Crying of both kids reached new highs, but God’s mercy must have been poured out in double portion that morning because it didn’t rile me.   Another triumph over post partum!  What a wonderful reminder of what God does for me.  I go about life doing what I should then wham, I let sin creep in without warning and God lovingly forgives and redirects me back to what I should be doing.  It makes me laugh to think that I can throw an adult tantrum sometimes that would rival the crying of both of my boys put together.  How silly we must seem to God who knows the plans He has made for us and knows that those plans are for are good.  Just as learning new touching and sharing skills for my boys are good for them, but sometimes they just can’t see why they need to learn to discover and share.


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