Tot School 14.5mo – red

The Christmas season has so much color & teaching about each color and what it means during Christmas has been fun.  I choose the color red for this week.  Red for Santa, Rudolf’s nose, the coca cola theme in our kitchen and for the blood of Christ.    My boys are too young to really understand that Christmas is a birthday celebration for Jesus Christ, but the more I tell the Bible stories and godly principles the sooner they will catch on that God is important in our house.  Sometime during each wake cycle, we sing the happy birthday song to Jesus.  Then we all pretend to pickup a cupcake and eat it.  The best part is seeing Lance smile real big and say “mmm.”  Imagination  is here!

We are reviewing a few shapes again to help it sink in so we are using circles & squares this week.  Hence the picture at the top.  While every mommy dreams of these great things to do with your kids, let’s face it, sometimes it gets frustrating when your kids don’t behave the way you would like for them too.  I just knew my boys would love seeing all the little blocks lined up in rows.  One row all red and the other colors in the next row.  Then we could scatter them and build with them.  Wouldn’t you know that I had to try seven different times to line them up because all they wanted to do was scatter them before a full line could be formed.  My first thought was to block my children from the blocks so I could get a good picture and then show them the differences.  But I caught myself and reminded me that any play with the colors provided learning even though it wasn’t what I pictured when we started out.  Keeping this in mind will help prevent so much frustration for me in the future. 

Why is it that we get these grand ideas in our heads, whether it’s an idea for play, a celebration or the look of our house, and we stress ourselves out making things just like the picture we saw in our mind or a magazine?  It sounds so silly & so simple to do when you say it aloud, but oh how hard to put into practice.  It is amazing to me that God had a perfect plan for the world when He created it.  Adam & Eve sinned and messed it up, passing that sin nature down to every man and woman.  If God was like me, He would be tempted to yell and throw and big fit.  But that’s not God character.  He was disappointed in man, but He sent His only son, Jesus, to die for our sins.  He didn’t wipe out man and start over every time they messed up, like I started my line of blocks over and over while getting frustrated.   What a mercy He has rained down on each person.  Mercy that He has extended to my boys, should they accept it one day.  I need to remember daily to set the example of God’s mercy when I’m frustrated with my children and what a difference it would make in their lives and mine.


One comment on “Tot School 14.5mo – red

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

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