Tot School 14.5mo twins – blue circles

Having the shape of the week be a circle and the color of the week blue, it made for plenty of material.  My two boys have found this week to full of laughs.  I found a great book to help in this journey.  My First Book of Shapes by Baby Einstein.  While the boys are still too young to point out the specific things asked for in the book’s questions, they loved looking at all the round pictures and mommy describing everything.  They also have such a good time riding around the kitchen island in a big circle.  I know, they probably didn’t get the circle image from riding around, but hey, they laughed every time one of the boys came back to the start and rammed his car into the back of his bother’s car.  They are truly boys who like being rowdy.

As for the blue color, I have pointed out so many things that are blue in our house that I’m blue in the face.  If you want to ensure giggles from your kids, put on a silly santa hat and sing Elvis’ Blue Christmas in the craziest voice you can.  Every time I got to the backup girls singing “oohh, oohh, aoohie,” they laughed and pointed at me.  I did that little song and dance every day as the boys went wild each time.  At the close of Friday, they each can’t point to anything blue or pickup the circle out of several shapes, but I do think they are learning and having a ball doing it.  My deapest thanks go out to Elvis and the song that I think is so stupid; it has saved my week.


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