Tot School 14mo twins – in/out & green balls

I had a fun ending to our week learning about the color green.  Thursday and Friday I had so much energy and I didn’t lose it with my boys.  That makes these two days the best.

Thursday we worked with two green balls.  There were so many skills that we worked on with one big ball and one little ball.  Rolling, bouncing, kicking, throwing, catching, patting, chasing, big vs little and sharing.  Bring out a ball and the laughter begins.  Because balls are so fun for my boys, there’s little I need to do to get them learning these skills.


In & out is a concept that I know I will be working on for a long time before it sinks in.  I had a bucket that used for pre-soaking their clothes during the spit up days of babyhood.  I no longer need it so it was just sitting around taking up space.  I brought  it down and presto the laughter began.  Who knew that putting, no throwing blocks, into the container would lead to big fun.  So Lance was the first one to gently place some of his wooden blocks in the container as I pointed out that he put them “In.”  When he dumped them out I pointed that they were “Out.”  That caught James’ attention and before I knew it, the whole container had blocks and they each were taking turns throwing them in &  spilling them back out.  I don’t remember who had the clever idea to try putting something else in the container, but I think all but our kitchen sink eventually ended up with a turn in the container.  This went on for about 30min before Lance wandered off to get into something else.  Now that James had the container all to himself, his giggly little self really came to life.  He found that his head was the perfect fit inside the container.  Not only that, it sounds funny to hit the container or yell while his head is in there.  Lance even thought it was funny to bang on the container with James’ head in it.  I quickly realized that this might not be leading to a great idea as Lance may decide that hitting his brother’s head without the container on it would be ok too.  So now James had tapped into his silly side and is letting the world see it.  How precious is the laughter of two brothers as they enjoy each other’s antics!  What mercy God is bestowing as I see them learning and their personalities taking shape, despite my shortcomings as a mother.  God is really their teacher and I’m the assistant. 


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