Tot School 13.5 – Trees

Green is the color of the week.  On Monday we walked around the living room pointing at everything green and with Christmas decorations up, there’s a lot of green.  I was wondering what I might do inside that would be different to spark their learning of green.  Nothing was jumping out at me.  Early this afternoon we all took a trip to local thrift store.  This particular store always has great things and stays pretty neat/organized.  Of-course I found several outfits for the boys but the jackpot today was the weebles musical treehouse for a steal.  What better way to learn about the color green than with a tree.  James quickly found it amusing to send the weebles down the tunnel and have them crash through the bottom door while Lance turned the handle of the water wheel that makes the music go.  While they played I pointed out the green top, how it showed the leaves that are green, the brown trunk and how our tree in the back yard was all brown because it had lost all of its leaves.  Between looking out the glass door at our tree and the weebles tree, we had a great afternoon laughing and playing with the color green.  What a mercy coming down to have a thrift store to keep my family within our budget and to find the perfect toy.


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