Tot School 13.5mo(III)

The first full week of tot school is over & many lessons have been learned, mainly by me.  On Monday morning, I set out the shape sorter and said to the boys that whatever shape they touched first would be the shape and color of the week.   What sounded like a good idea, was not the best after all.  James had reached out and grabbed a yellow triangle.  Now I like yellow and we have so many yellow things around the house, but a triangle is not as common of a shape as say a circle or square.  But we all said yea, clapped our hands and made a big deal out of the yellow triangle.  By Friday, I asked each one to point out a triangle from all the shapes and neither picked out the right shape.  Again,I asked each one to pick the yellow and once again they picked out something else.  So, we will work for a week on each thing and will revisit it for another week down the road.

I hate to confess this, but some days I get just plain bored of doing toddler things.  Wednesday was one of those days that I didn’t want to look at another shape or color and act like it was the greatest thing in the world.  I think the boys were even bored  too and they were walking around the living room and kitchen without any purpose.  I decided that I was going to get the wooden blocks out and build things, build them the way that I wanted to.  Since the boys were wandering around, I didn’t have to be patient when they knocked the structures down.  After a minute or so, baby James came over and sat down next to a pile of blocks.  He just sat and watched for a brief moment.  Then, to my surprise, he started stacking blocks.  Up to this point, he hadn’t stacked more than three high.  Today he stacked five blocks high.  I was so proud and we clapped and clapped over his accomplishment.  Clapping is one of James’ favorite things to do right now.  Then Lance caught sight of the two of us playing and decided to join the fun.  Here is were it gets interesting.  I watched as Lance placed one block on top of another block and slightly moved it around in a circle.  He proceeded to do the next block the same way.  I thought that was odd so I thought about what was going on in his mind.  Then I remembered that we usually work with stacking cups and stacking buckets.  They have little circular ridges on the bottoms so when you put them on top of each other they won’t slide off.  We play with those cups and buckets so much that Lance just assumed that stacking meant lining up the ridges.  Lesson learned: vary the types of stackers and other toys throughout the day.

Thanksgiving was this week.  My what a treat!  No yellow foods to rave over, but I have never seen my boys eat so much in one meal.  Every meal since then, they have eaten a big portion of table food.  On Thanksgiving, they got to practice sharing their toys with others.  They had 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins all together of different ages.  Amazing, they shared with everyone else well but had trouble when it came to their own brother.  Guess that will take a while since they’ve been with each other since conception.  I’m kinda like that too.  While my Southern upbringing has taught me to be mindful of how I treat others outside my home, the pleasantries come down when I’m with close family.  My husband, parents and brother are the ones who know my good qualities and my flaws.  I’d like to raise my boys to be open and transparent all the time.  Those times of being thoughtful of others will be taught in our home and out in public.  As I think about how I’m going to do this, I’m reminded that my example says volumes to James and Lance about how they act and think.  It’s a mercy raining down that God sees the outer kindness and knows the tacky remarks I say in our minds.  Yet He loves me anyways and encourages me to be genuine and loving at all times.  I hope to instill in my boys learning: learning academically and spiritually.  I hope that leads them to knowing Christ and that will help them love their bother as the love themselves.


One comment on “Tot School 13.5mo(III)

  1. Truly inspiring post for me as a parent and an adult seeking Him!! Miss you guys a lot!

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