Tot School 13.5mo twins

Well we are off to a great start with Tot School.  I decided that shapes would be a good place to start, especially since we already have so many things that deal with shapes.   The midmorning awake time is the best time of the day for organized activities for my boys.  The early morning time is too early for mom and the late afternoon is way too late for the boys.  As I looked around last night for all the shape things, I was amazed at the toys and general household items to use.  We are fortunate to have two different shape sorting toys.  I’m working on teaching Lance & James to share, but that’s a slow go for now.  Each boy sat on a separate side of me with their sorter.  Lance is a pro working those little fingers so I just let him go at it alone for quite a while.  After 10min I turned my attention to Lance and started calling out the shape names as he picked them up or I would point to each one.  He just had a ball looking at each shape, tasting it, then putting them through the holes.  James on the other hand, well lets just say geometry isn’t lookin to be his best subject.  I usually pickup a shape, tell him what it is, let him try it a few times before he throws it down in frustration, I pick it back up & put it in his hand and help him place it in the hole.  I’m hoping that this one on one time will improve his abilities.  I wish I could hold  forever the feeling that comes over me when he hears me say good job and his face smiles all over. 

Next we are off to the activity table.   What a great toy!  It has a shapes section that Lance & James both find hysterically funny to push every shape button as fast as they can and to push the same one over and over in rapid fire for more than my ears want to hear.  When they calm down from laughing, I point to each shape and call it out.  It keeps their attention for a few minutes.

James is my walker.  When he heads off to the laundry room, Lance & I are right behind him.  I alternate holding up each boy to look at the square detergent tub, the round detergent tub, the round appliance knobs, the triangle cord winder on the steamer mop and the star on the front of the washing machine.  By that time, the boys are climbing in the dog’s cage and laughing at each other, swinging on the door and that’s when I knew today’s lesson was over.  I think since tomorrow is Friday, we will stay on all the shapes as a group.  Next week I’ll pick out one shape a day.  The mercy given to me  for today was that I didn’t get frustrated when James began throwing his shapes when he couldn’t get them in. 

Shapes are no match for me.


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