Tot School 13.5mo (II)

After such a fantastic start yesterday, how could anything go wrong?  Well it did.  The boys will getting their flu shot later today so I bumped up learning time when I saw them playing with the shape sorters.  It started great with James doing way better with the shapes today.  He didn’t throw a single shape.  James was siting in front of the push car with the shape sorter on the front.  I just left him alone and watched.  He got all three shapes just fine.  I think he just needs a little more practice and maybe some quiet, uninterrupted concentration so he can learn.  Lance was all over the elephant sorter.  He was pushing shapes through and spinning the belly like crazy.   After about 5min Lance decided to join James.  Here’s where it all goes crazy.  James didn’t like his brother barging in and he screamed at him.  Lance thought it was funny and started pointing at James.  Apparently James had had enough and ever so quietly leaned over and chomped down on Lance’s fingers.  Lance started crying and decided that hitting his brother on the face was the best reaction.  James decided the hitting thing was good to do back to his brother.  Both sat there with arms entwined and crying.  Don’t think I just sat by idly.  Stopping those two is like getting the Republicans and the Democrats to agree – it ain’t easy.  With each bite or hit I grabbed an arm and said we don’t hit others while trying to move each one to a different side of me.  I’m sure it looked chaotic.  So I got everyone settled down & decided tot school was over for the day & declared it not good. 

Then came a nap.  A chance to improve the next awake time.  When they woke back up & ate, we headed out the door to Home Depot.  Well would you believe that is a great store for shapes.  I laughed to myself as some people walked by and gave me a what are you doing look while others said how cute & learning about dad’s tools too.  Home Depot may not look like a typical school, but man does it lend itself to good learning.   Lights with round bulbs, square boxes, star in the Christmas decor and a hexagon in the wrenches.   So my mercy today is finding Home Depot as a learning place.  I wonder if I can get my husband involved the next time he makes a Home Depot or Lowes run?


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