Why Mercies Raining Down?

Laura Story has a song that I love.  There is a line that says “What if the trials in this life are just mercies in disguise.”  I’ve been a Christian for a long time now and I can see where many of my difficulties have helped me be the woman who I am today.  God promises us in His Word that his mercies are new every morning.  That means that no matter what happened yesterday, I can wake up to learn another great lesson, although I might learn it the easy way or take a harder path to get there. 

When I became pregnant in 2010, I was excited to see what my family would be and I had dreams of being a fabulous mom.  I read all I could, prayed, had a plan mapped out then God dropped twin boys in my lap.  No problem I thought, it will just take more energy and determination.  Well, when those sweet, little boys came, the post partum depression came too.  I couldn’t think creatively, I couldn’t even make half of my plan happen.  I needed more help than I could have imagined.  I have never prayed so much in all my life & I’m a regular prayer.  God has chosen not remove the post partum depression, as of now, but I can see that I’m already more humble and I have to rely on God to get me through the day.  Actually, when the boys first came home, I was relying of God to get me through the next five minutes, over and over through never-ending days.  Now I’m asking Him every morning to get me through the week.  That is a mercy bestowed on me and I can’t wait to see what else I learn as I keep going.

Being that planned & oh so wonderful mommy that has lost all that brain creativity, I count it a mercy that I found Tot School.  I’ll be posting frequently about our activities.  Now don’t get too excited because as I mentioned, my creativity is amiss right now.  I’m trying to piece ideas together from other Tot School moms.  Today was our first day of  Tot School & I feel like it has given me some direction.  I won’t be a blogger that publishes all the great things and cleverly leaves out what went wrong.  I’ve heard enough of those stories from other moms.  I want moms to know that it’s ok not to be super mom.  I want other twin moms to get ideas on how to do this thing called life with twins.  If you have twins, God will be raining down the mercies on you & your family in abundance.  They may not be warm fuzzy ones, but God will be there to guide your children in the areas that one person alone can not handle.  He is a big God, so I say let’s go & let the mercies rain down!


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